Range Validator in ASP.Net

How and when to use RangeValidator is a tricky question, can we use RangeValidator to validate a string or date, most of us say we can not use RangeValidator for string but we can, we will see How to use RangeValidator for string?, How to use MinimumValue and MaximumValue for type String? ASP.net provides easy to use control to validate a control value between the range. It can be used to validate values of data type Currency, Date, Double, Integer and String, we will see this in detail in this article.

If you know the JavaScript you can do it by writing your own function but that is not so easy for everyone on the other hand by using range validator we can easy validate the input, just we need to set some properties

     ControlToValidate="Control ID to which you want to validate" 
     ErrorMessage="Error Message, if invalid"
     Text="Message to display in control"
     runat="server" >

Range can be defined by MinValue and MaximumValue.


  • Currency: A decimal data type that can contain currency symbols.

  • Date: A date data type.

  • Double: A double-precision floating point number data type.

  • Integer: A 32-bit signed integer data type.

  • String: A string data type.

Let's say you want to validate a text box to accept number between 1 to 10

Enter number (between 1 - 100) :
<asp:TextBox ID="txtNumber" runat="server" />
<asp:RangeValidator ID="rvNumber" runat="server"
    ErrorMessage="Invalid Quantity" />

Now txtNumber text box will only accept number between 1 to 100, if you will try to enter any number greater than 100 it will show you the error, or less than 1 even then it will show error.

It can not accept any string or anything else except number between 1 to 100 (inclusive)

I try to understand how it can be used for string but could not get anything which can validate for range even I googled to get How to use RangeValidator for string?, How to use MinimumValue and MaximumValue for type String? but could not get any satisfactory answer so tried my own and found we can use it in some scenario say you want to accept only lower case or only upper case characters for a particular text box then we can use as bollows (for upper case)

    <asp:TextBox ID="txt1" runat="server" />
    <asp:RangeValidator ID="rvNumber" runat="server"
        ErrorMessage="Must be in capital" />

In this case our txt1 TextBox can accept anything but only in upper case if you want to accept only in lower case then use a and z for MinimumValue and MaximumValue.

If we will use MinimumValue="A" MaximumValue="A" then text box will accept only A

If we will use MinimumValue="A" MaximumValue="B" then text box will accept any number of character but only in upper case.

If anyone have better idea please suggest us.

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