Create windows service setup in visual studio

Windows service can be setup by using DOS command but that is not so easy especially for those people who are not technically strong, some time we create windows service for our client and the want a setup file so they simply click on the setup file and follow the instruction. So we will see how to create a windows service setup with Visual Studio. To learn how to create windows service see my previous post how to create windows service in C# visual studio 2010

Let’s start creating a windows service setup

  1. From File menu select New => Project…
  2. From Installed Templates select Other Project Types => Setup and Deployment
  3. Select Setup Project
    • If no template is coming then on the right side there is “Search Installed Templates”
    • Type there Setup and
    • Select “Setup Project”
  4. Give name to your project say “My Windows Service”
  5. File System template will be opened
  6. From File System on Target Machine select “Application Folder”
  7. Right click in right pan and select Add => File
  8. Navigate to your Windows Service bin folder
  9. Select all the files from bin folder and click open
  10. Now your all the files are added to the application

Some property setting which need to be adjust according to our requirements so click on project name and press F4 to open the property window

  • Auther: Company Name
  • InstallAllUsers: True/False
  • Manufacturer: Company Name
  • ProductName: My Windows Service
  • Title: My Windows Service

alt text Till now whatever we setup, will not register our service to “Services” of the system so what more we need to do so once we install it, it register with system services, we need to add custom action

  1. Expand Solution Explorer
  2. Select project name
  3. There are some icons in solution explorer (see in image)
  4. Click on Custom Actions Editor it will open Custom Action tab
  5. Right click on Custom Action => Add Custom Action
  6. It will open a window to select exe
  7. Click on Application Folder
  8. Select your windows service EXE file
  9. Click OK

Now we are don to setup, rebuild you application

Go to your application folder and see debug folder, it contain two files

  1. My Windows Service
  2. setup

These two are files which you need to setup your windows service any where.

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