Cookies in with examples

We will discuss here, what are cookies, why we need cookies, what are the limitation of cookies, when we need to use cookies with example code in and many more.

what are cookies: HTTP Cookie, Web Cookie, Browser Cookie, Session Cookie, etc. are some names of the cookies. Cookies are small text file sent by web server and saved by browser on client machine.

We need cookies to store user preferences on client machine. Say we have a page with many search criteria, so one user can select all his criteria and search the result, at the same time we can save all the criteria so next time with user will open this page we can automatically select his previous selection.


  • Can store only string
  • Cannot store object say we have a dataset object want to save in cookies, no we cannot save object in cookie
  • Most browsers support cookies of up to 4096 bytes.
  • Most browsers allow only 20 cookies per site, if you try to store more, the oldest cookies are discarded
  • User might be set his browser not to accept the cookies
  • User can delete cookies.

When to use cookies and when to not:

  • When data is not critical importance
  • We should not save password in cookies
  • We should not save any data in cookies which we don’t want to share with user.
  • As we discussed above to save the search criteria, that’s good, we can save these kinds of data

Now we discussed about the ups and downs of cookies, time to write some code to understand how we can use it. To save a single value in cookie for 30 days

Response.Cookies["userName"].Value = "john";
Response.Cookies["userName"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(30);

Read a single value cookie

if(Request.Cookies["userName"] != null)
   Label1.Text = Server.HtmlEncode(Request.Cookies["userName"].Value);

To save multiple values in cookies for 30 days

Response.Cookies["Info"]["fName"] = "John";
Response.Cookies["Info"]["lNake"] = "Oliver";
Response.Cookies["Info"]["city"] = "Jersey City";
Response.Cookies["Info"]["state"] = "NJ";
Response.Cookies["Info"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(30);
// OR
HttpCookie aCookie = new HttpCookie("Info");
aCookie.Values["fName"] = "John";
aCookie.Values["lName"] = "Oliver";
aCookie.Values["city"] = "Jersey City";
aCookie.Values["state"] = "NJ";
aCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(30);

Read above multi-value cookie

if (Response.Cookies["Info"] != null)
   System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection info =
   String fName = info["fName"];
   String lName = info["lName"];
   String city = info["city"];
   String state = info["state"];

All these are the basic information about the cookies, cookies are not used mostly in our application but we must know the basics of cookies at-least whatever we discussed here.

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