Creating Separate Page For Your WordPress Blog Posts

WordPress by default displays the blog content on the homepage. But, what if you want a separate page for your blog posts? Luckily, WordPress allows users to easily create a page particularly for blog posts. However, this process might seem challenging to most of the newbies. Reading this article will give you a basic understanding of how you can create pages exclusively for WP blogs.

Step 1 – Create a New Page

Access your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Add New->New Page. The Page will be blank, and you'll need to assign a title to it. You can use “Blog” as the title “Blog.”

In case you don't have a static home page that displays latest blog posts, then you'll need to create another page (which you might call as “Homepage”).

Step 2 – Make Your Blog Posts Show Up in the New Page

Once you've created a new blog page, set new location for your blog posts, in order to show them up in the newly created “Blog” page. And in case you are creating a custom front page (for example, your homepage), then you can direct the page to be displayed in the homepage. In order to complete this step, move to Settings->Reading and then click on the “static page” settings. From there choose your “Homepage” Page as your website “Front page”. Next, choose your “Blog” Page where your posts will get added. Don't forget to save the changes you have made.

Step 3 – Create a Link for Your Blog in the Navigation Bar

You will have to create a menu item in your site navigation bar for your new blog section. For doing so, go to Appearance->Menus, and then create a menu item for the “Blog” page you have created recently.

That's it, abiding the above steps will help you create a separate blog page for your site. But, if you are having any difficulty in the process or still can't understand the process of building a custom page for your blog posts, then you should take help of a professional WordPress Developer. However, with plenty of developers out there hiring the most suitable one isn't easy.

Moreover, different developer possess different strength and qualities, and all of them don't have the same experience in offering WordPress development services. And so, it is very important to bring the right person on board. But the problem is that a lot of people aren't aware of the questions that they should ask for choosing potential developers. Let's have a look at some of the most important questions that you should ask to decide the right development partner with whom you'll work with:

What sort of WordPress websites they have worked on in the past?

Have they delivered a project that is related to your project's requirements?

What process they follow to create custom blog pages?

To conclude, if you want to show up your blogs posts on a separate page other than your homepage, then reading the above discussed factors will definitely help you in making an informed choice.

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