Delightful WordPress Plugins That Augment Split Tests On WP Site

Keeping a check on your WordPress site's performance is a great way that helps make strives in the correct direction.

Even a small tweak or change in the website can create a great difference in its performance. Thus, to ensure that your changes are offering breakthroughs and not introducing any bottlenecks in the performance, it is advisable to run A/B split tests every time whether you are making a small or a big change on your website.

The A/B split testing helps determine that which segment of the website is performing great and which is not delivering the expected results. By having an insight into the small versions of your site, you can further streamline your site optimization process in an absolute way.

The WordPress CMS offers tremendous benefits and one of the most amazing feature of WP is its overwhelming list of highly useful plugins and themes. You can seek for a desired plugin from its repository. Or if you are interested in creating your very own plugin that can offer some specific functionality, you can even hire a WordPress plugin developer and get a desired plugin.

Here is a list of resourceful plugins that allows one to efficiently run A/B split test on their WP site, let's have a look at them.

1. SES Theme Split Test The design of a website plays a crucial role in attaining the user's attention. If your site boasts a captivating visual appeal then there are greater probability that your visitors will return back to your site. For representing your image in an appropriate fashion, it is essential to choose a theme that best suits your business profile.

Understanding the fact that it is not a child's play to choose a suitable theme from the pool of themes, this plugin has been designed. This plugin basically helps track the activities of the visitors on two different templates that can boost the conversion rate on your site. With the help of integrated customized segments offered by Google Analytics, you can determine that which theme will be more beneficial. It thus, helps make utile decision.

2. Google Content Experiment The Google Content Experiment is ideal for performing split testing on WP sites. It checks the performance of the content that is posted on your site. The included Analytics results clearly showcases which content is offering maximum benefits and which is not by considering the user actions upon landing on that content page.

3. Nelio A/B Testing The factors that are responsible for driving traffic on the site are not just the design and content, but there are several more factors like layout, images, videos, titles and so forth. This plugin is ideal for running multiple split tests (as many as you want) instead of a particular test to check the performance of a specific element. It offers a Heatmap that beautifully epitomize the visitor's actions, you can easily read them. Do the A/B testing experiments on themes, titles, posts, etc., and make choices according to the Heatmap results to ensure improved conversions and greater ROI.

You can outsource your site optimization task to a reliable and experienced WordPress development company and reap the benefits of this amazing CMS.

However, you may choose to optimize your WP conversions yourself by installing and activating an efficient A/B split testing plugin on your site. The above mentioned are a few useful plugins that are best suited for the task. Choose any and generate greater profits.

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