Angularjs Bootstrap Datepicker enable/disable dates with configuration example

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Adding calendar to the angularjs application is more than easy to any other application if you configured it properly. Angularjs Bootstrap DatePicker have more features than any other available calendar, you can set all your condition in html from data format to min-date, max-date, date disabled for Saturday and Sunday, first day of the week, todays button text, Week button text, close button text, clear button text, and many more, let's see some very common and every day required features.

Files we need to add in our index.html, CSS and JavaScript

  • bootstrap.css or bootstrap.min.css
  • ui-bootstrap-tpls-version.js say ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.11.2.js
  • we need to inject 'ui.bootstrap' in module, angular.module('xyz', ['ui.bootstrap'])

Configure calendar

It's better to configure the calendar for entire application so whenever we need to change the date format, starting date, show or hide the week or any other change must be for entire application rather than checking entire application and made changes one by one.

 app.config(['datepickerConfig', 'datepickerPopupConfig', function (datepickerConfig, datepickerPopupConfig) {
    datepickerConfig.startingDay = 1;
    datepickerConfig.showWeeks = false;

    datepickerPopupConfig.datepickerPopup = "MM/dd/yyyy";
    datepickerPopupConfig.currentText = "Now";
    datepickerPopupConfig.clearText = "Erase";
    datepickerPopupConfig.closeText = "Close";
  • startingDay: default 0 (Sunday)
  • showWeeks: default true, so it will show the wee number on left side aand button which I don't want so set it false
  • datepickerPopup: Default: 'yyyy-MM-dd' but I changed it to 'MM/dd/yyyy'
  • currentText: Current date button text, default 'Today', I changed it to 'Now' to show the changes
  • clearText: clear selected date button text, Default: 'Clear', I changed it to Erase
  • closeText: close calendar button text, Default: 'Done', which I changed to Close

Now let's create a very basic calendar which need to be open on clicking the text box as well as on calendar Icon

// Put to value on scope, model and calendar open state
$scope.startDate = new Date();
$scope.opened = false;

<div class="form-group">
  <div class='input-group'>
      <input type='text' 
             ng-click="opened = !opened" 
             ng-readonly='true' />
      <span class="input-group-addon" 
            ng-click="opened = !opened; $event.stopPropagation()">
          <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></i>

Let's look the input text box attributes to understand one by one

  • datepicker-popup: you need to provide the date format, but I already set into the config so need to pass any value
  • ng-model: the model variable to bind the value
  • is-open: calendar status, open or close (true/false), we used opened which is false, so by default calendar will be closed, change it to true and see the effect
  • ng-click: on cliecking the textbox, I am toggling the value to true/false, to open/close the calendar
  • ng-readonly: make it true, to disable the typing by using
  • On date calendar I again written the same code to toggle the open/close and added extra code to propagate the event.

Let's take another example of two date calendar on the same page say start date and end date. The very first validation we need to give, start date must not be greater than end date, and end date must not be less than start date. If you are using jquery calendar then it is not so easy but with Angularjs Bootstrap DatePicker it is more than easy, just we need to pass min and max value to each other, let's check it

In controller we need to add our model and calendar status for both calendar

// both calendar need to be close by default
$scope.opened ={
  start: false,
  end: false

$scope.model = {
    startDate: new Date('09/21/2015'),
    endDate: new Date()

In html we need to use the min-date and max-date to stop the user to select the start date greater than end date and end date earlier than the start date,

// In start date input textbox

// In end date input textbox

Here is the complete code:

Start Date 
<div class="form-group">
  <div class='input-group'>
      <input type='text' class="form-control" 
             ng-click="opened.start = !opened.start" 
      <span class="input-group-addon" for='start' 
            ng-click="opened.start = !opened.start; $event.stopPropagation()">
          <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></i>
End Date
<div class="form-group">
  <div class='input-group'>
      <input type='text' 
             ng-click="opened.end = !opened.end"
             ng-readonly='true'  />
      <span class="input-group-addon" 
            ng-click="opened.end = !opened.end;  $event.stopPropagation()">
          <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></span>

To Disable Future Dates

To disable future dates, first we need the current date in our controller, we will get the current date by using Date function, see this

In site controller:

$ = new Date();

In our text box HTML:


We are done, but there is a problem, we need to be careful, it is the client machine date so if he will change his system date and refresh the page, it will take his system date. To solve it, we need to take the date from server and put on the scope.

To Disable Past Dates

To disable past dates, first we need the current date in our controller, to get the current date either we can get by Date function or return from the server (recommended) , see this

In site controller:

$ = new Date();

In our text box HTML:


Conditional Start/End, From/To Date Max/Min Value:

It is very common scenario to search by From/Start and To/End date and requirement always are same From/Start date must not be greater then To/End date, with angulrjs it is really more that easy. Let's say our page or search model is like this (in controller)

$scope.model = {
    enddate: '',

Let's understand what we need

  1. Start date must not be greater then model.enddate
  2. End date must not be model less than model.startdate

We have done, just put the max-date and min date attribute in html with these two values:

Start Date text box HTML add


End Date text box HTML add


Until the user is selecting any date, both the calendar will be free or you can bind the min date of start date and max date of end date text box by some value.

Disable weekends

In some case if you want to disable the date for Saturday and Sunday then

Create a function on the scope like this

// Disable weekend selection
$scope.disabled = function(date, mode) {
   return ( mode === 'day' && ( date.getDay() === 0 || date.getDay() === 6 ) );

// in your input box just add
date-disabled="disabled(date, mode)"

If you want to use jQuery Datepicker then see Angularjs jQuery UI Datepicker disable dates conditionally, I try to add all the conditions which we need in a datepicker like disable past/future dates, enable/disable dates on the basis of selecting one date etc.

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