Pass value from one controller to another in AngularJS

How to pass variables between controllers Angular pass values between controllers Passing data between controllers in Angular Angular: Share data between controllers Using Services to Share Data Between Controllers Sharing Data Between Controllers Angular How to share data between controllers in AngularJS

Share value between two or more controller is easy by using the service which we will see in this article. In ASP.Net there were many options to pass values from one page to other pages, let's just name some of them to understand if we can use them or not. The very first thing comes in mind SESSION state, to use the session state we will to go to the server side, so we will need the service to call the methods which looks complicated. Let's check it with pure AngularJS way first:

Let's say we want to share the product detain in different controllers, say the product have information

product = { product: 'Some Product', price: '123' } 

Never matter whether we want to share a value, an object, a list or a list of object, the same logic will work for every situation. We are going to use hard coded value so let's create a simple service to get and keep the data

var app = angular.module("MyApp", []);    
/*  Create Products service   */
app.service('Products', function () {      
  this.Items = function() {
    // if we want can get data from database 
     product = { product: '', price: '' }
  return this;

In this service, we are not using any complicated code, simply created a method and create a new object of product. However you want to use, you can.

Now let's say We have two controllers Ctrl1, Ctrl2 like this

app.controller("Ctrl1", ['$scope', 'Products',
    function ($scope, Products) {
    $scope.Product = Products.Items;
    //some other code

app.controller("Ctrl2", ['$scope', 'Products',
    function ($scope, Products) {
    $scope.Product = Products.Items;
    //some other code 

Here we are using the service to get product value, I already taken your enough time, let's try it live

ASP.Net options to pass value from on page to other:

  1. Using a Query String: we will try it
  2. Cookies: We can use it, better to use the local storage.
  3. Getting Post Information from the Source Page: cannot be used
  4. Using Session State: can be used but not very useful
  5. Getting Public Property Values from the Source Page: cannot be used
  6. Server.Transfer: no such option

Using Query String

$ will return an object of key-value pairs, the same pairs as the query string

One thing to note: A key that has no value is just stored in the object as true.

Let's say you have URL like then it will return {"user": true} rather than null

We can also access the user value directly

var user = $;
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