Angularjs Validation with CSS and ngMessage with Demo

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Angularjs ngMessage validation is so powerful that we can complete our validation without writing any code except two simple CSS class and with great look and feel. By using ngMessage we can give those features which was taking months to wring css and JavaScript but with angularjs it is only the elements settings. In this article we will first try to understand the very simple CSS style then we will see the ngMessage one in more detail with bootstrap nice messaging.

  • Validation with CSS
  • Validation with ngMessage

Validation with CSS Only

Angularjs use ng-valid and ng-invalid to show the valid or invalid values on the page. When we type something it keeps checking and changing these two and many other values. If we can write the CSS by using these two values we can achieve our goal easily.

Let's write a very simple and complete class for input of type text:

  border-left:solid 3px #900;
  border-left:solid 3px #090;

These two classes will validate around 80 percent of our application but we need more like email, textarea and many more, for your understanding I am adding here two more type of controls, input of type email and textarea, here is the final code:

  border-left:solid 3px #900;
  border-left:solid 3px #090;

Similarly we can add for number, date, select and any other type of control.

Angularjs Validation with css and two lines of code only

Now set the type of validation you want with every control say the customer name text box, here is the full HTML

<input type="text" class="form-control" 
    ng-minlength ='3'
    ng-maxlength ='30'
    placeholder="Customer Name" />

It is required, minimum 3 characters and maximum 30 characters long.

This will not stop the use to save the data by clicking the save button. There are two ways to stop the user to submit the page if page is not valid.

  • Disable the save button until the form is valid
  • Check in controller and return if form is not valid

To do so add a name to the form say frmCustomer.

If you don't want to disable the button then add these two lines in your save method in controller

 if (!$scope.frmCustomer.$valid)

Otherwise disable the Save button until form become valid, here is the save button code:

 <button type='submit' class='btn btn-success' 
    ng-disabled='!frmCustomer.$valid'> Save </button>

We are done, go ahead and check the Demo

Validation with ngMessage

Above CSS method work very nice but the problem is that, when a field is invalid due the length or format then it is not very clear why it is invalid. So by using ngMessage we are going to solve this problem as well.

To use ngMessage validation we need to add the JavaScript file `angular-messages.min.js' in our index page and need to adjust our module like this

 angular.module('myApp', ['ngMessages']);
  • We don't want to show all the messages on page load, not a good option
  • On click of save button all the invalid fields will start showing error message
  • If change any value and it is not valid then it will show the message
  • After saving the data, form will be again in pristine state (initial state) so you can enter a new record

Angularjs ngMessage validation: show error on save and change only

Too much talking, let's start coding it.

To show the message only for dirty fields we can use


To check for form is submitted or not we can use


To use both of them together we can use

ng-if='frmCustomer.txtEmail.$dirty  || frmCustomer.$submitted'

Let's see our Customer name text box first and it's validation:

 <input type="text" class="form-control" 
    ng-minlength ='3'
    ng-maxlength ='30'
    placeholder="Customer Name" />  

I make it required, give a name txtName, minimum and maximum length, so write the write the different message for different conditions

<span ng-messages="frmCustomer.txtName.$error" 
    ng-if='frmCustomer.txtName.$dirty  || frmCustomer.$submitted' role="alert">
    <span ng-message="required" class="error">Name is required</span>
    <span ng-message="minlength" class="error">Min. 3 Characters</span>
    <span ng-message="maxlength" class="error">Max. 30 Characters</span>

It will show the message if

  • txtName text box have any error and
  • user has change the value of text or
  • user has clicked the save button

After saving the data you might want to clear the form by code. If you will do so it will start showing all the messages, so to fix this you can pristine the form, here is the code just add it after cleaning the model:


Check the demo with working code

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