Mastering the Strike Off Company Procedure: Secrets Revealed

The procedure for **[strike off company][1]** typically involves the following steps: **Assessment of eligibility**: The first step in the strike off process is to determine if the company is eligible for strike off. This may involve checking that the company has ceased trading, has no assets or liabilities, and is not involved in any legal proceedings. **Preparation of documents**: Once... By microvista   On 09 Feb 2023  Viewed: 528

McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare - Psychotherapists in Toronto

<p>Do you find it difficult to process life and find solutions to your problems? Perhaps it could be confronting your personal, professional life or even home life.</p> <p>Couples, families, and individuals can seek counselling at the McDowall Integrative Psychology &amp; Healthcare in Toronto for a range of difficulties.</p> <p>You could improve your position by consulting with a counsellor.... By McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare   On 31 Jan 2023  Viewed: 125
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Food Delivery App Development Company - India App Developer

In the last few years, the food delivery business has been growing like there is no tomorrow, and we all know that Uber eats and Swiggy is a huge success. If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a food delivery business, then hire dedicated developers from our [food delivery app development company][1]. We have great experience in delivering the right solutions to our customers. The... By E-commerce App Development- India App Developer   On 29 Jun 2022  Viewed: 1,161
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Experience excellence when you hire iQlance for your mobile app development services

There are billions of people who use smartphones, and it is growing each day. People spend half of their total screen time on phones. With the increasing usage of smartphones, mobile applications are in great demand. One of the major reasons app development companies are in huge demand. We at iQlance design, develop, and deliver innovation in applications. <br>Services we offer are: <br>**IOS... By iQlance - Top App Development Company Canada   On 25 May 2022  Viewed: 549
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Microsoft announces end of .NET Core 2.1 Support From August 21-2021

Microsoft is ending the official support for .NET Core 2.1 from August 21, 2021 which means Microsoft will no longer be providing updates, security fixes and technical support for it beyond the announced date. Microsoft is strongly advising users to upgrade their Microsoft products and .NET Core applications to the supported successor version that is .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5.0 to continue... By Jeff Harvey   On 22 Apr 2021  Viewed: 4,199
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Building Cross-Platform Web Applications Using .NET Core

*“For the first time in Microsoft .NET history, you can build cross-platform Web Apps and deploy them on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX devices.”* ASP.Net core is an open-source cross-platform framework that offers MVC structure, web API, and all the services needed to build a specific enterprise-grade web application. It is an emerging and feature-rich framework that offers speedy performance,... By Jeff Harvey   On 11 Jan 2021  Viewed: 2,619
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.Net Core - Banking, Finance & Insurance Web App development Solutions

This Blog brings out the synopsis of using dot net core technology to develop a banking/financial application. Along with this it also speaks about the future, benefits, importance, and features of .net core. We here will be talking about the Digital money with ASP.Net core technology and the below-mentioned topics that will help you in understanding the ASP.Net core for banking and finance... By Jeff Harvey   On 11 Jan 2021  Viewed: 933
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Hire Dedicated Resources – Web, Apps or Custom Software Development

After brainstorming and deep analysis 79% of big companies, enterprises, or businesses found 2 options to convert ideas into reality with the help of technology by building software, Robust mobile app development, customized website. First is, You can have your in-house team that includes Web designers, designers, Mobile application developers, Marketers, and Programmers. The con having of the... By Jeff Harvey   On 11 Jan 2021  Viewed: 131
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Angular 6 Group Items in Select

Show option group in Angular with select and align group items properly. There is nothing special to Angular if you already know the ngFor loop. You are just missing the HTML part `optgroup`. We are going to see some working examples by using JSON data to show, you can use any service or data from anywhere. First we will see some pure HTML examples with hard coded values so we can understand... By Ali Adravi   On 04 Apr 2019  Viewed: 16,475
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ASP.Net Core MVC Global Error Handling & Logging in 5 minute

Catch every error in applicatoin and log either to a file or in database is a good idiea. But how to catch every error in application and show a proper error page or page not found page? We will try to see how easily we can acheive it and how to log error in a file by using the microsoft provided logger feature to log error in a text (.txt) file. If you will open the startup.cs file in any... By Ali Adravi   On 30 Jan 2019  Viewed: 5,134
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Test driven development (TDD) through Mocking using Moq framework

I am going to demonstrate the use of a very popular mocking framework, Moq, to mock database calls. The example in the article is an Order Processing class, mimicking the order processing system. For the sake of simplicity, I am focusing on fetching an order from database (by order Id), adding 10% GST on the amount and then saving it back to database. public class OrderProcessing ... By Chinmay C Dey   On 28 Nov 2018  Viewed: 2,312
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Angular 6 Web API 2 Bearer Token Authentication add to header with HttpInterceptor

Security is the main feature of any application, we will use in this article Web API 2 bearer token, created through Owin oAuth, which we created in our previous article. Pass Bearer token with every HttpRequest with the help of HttpInterceptor. In this article we will see only the authentication and guard the pages. We will implement refresh token in next article because might be you are here... By Ali Adravi   On 14 Oct 2018  Viewed: 8,842
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ASP.NET Web API 2, Owin, OAuth, Bearer Token, Refresh Token with custom database

Token base authentication expires over a fixed time, to overcome on it we need to use the refresh token. We will try to create the token as well as the refresh token after successful login, refresh token will be used to generate a new token if current token is already expired and it is not too late. If you are at this page after reading many online articles on how to implement Owin, OAuth,... By Ali Adravi   On 08 Oct 2018  Viewed: 16,787
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OAuth Web API 2 Bearer Token Role base authentication with custom database

Create Token with user credential & roles and authorize action methods based on role in Web API is the topic we will cover in this article. We would need to pass token in every request and decorate action methods with [Authorize(Roles = "Admin, Manager") etc. that's only the code we will need to complete our role based authentication. Check my previous article [OAuth Web API token based... By Ali Adravi   On 04 Oct 2018  Viewed: 6,421
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Global error handling in angular 6 with HttpClient & interceptor

Angular 4.3.1 introduced HttpInterceptor, we will use HttpClient and new HttpInterceptor feature to handle error globally for entire application. When calling the service method, we might get some kind of server error. It can be any kind, like poor network connection to reach to the server, method itself through error due to any logical error, or unable to connect to the database, in that... By Ali Adravi   On 10 Aug 2018  Viewed: 16,823
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Angular 6 Lazy Loading with demo

Lazy loading in angular is introduced to load the source and pages on demand. Concept is to group the feature in modules and when user load any page from that module, load the complete module only then rather than to load everything on application start. Let's try to understand the concept with example: Say we have a website which have users, customers, products etc. For lazy Loading, we will... By Ali Adravi   On 30 Jul 2018  Viewed: 5,789
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React webpack typescript setup step by step

React WebPack and TypeScript environment setup is the first step to learn react, it is easy but seems too much settings. In this article we will see how can we do it without knowing anything about React, Webpack and typescript, rest of the things we can learn latter, once we will have environment setup. We will do it by using Visual Studio Code. Create a folder where you want to keep the... By Alicia Gonzalez   On 24 Jul 2018  Viewed: 797
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ASP.Net MVC Entity Framework Entity Validation with DataAnnotation

Validation of Entity with Entity Framework is a tricky way, but it is really simple. In this article we will try to understand how easily we can add the validation with any entity created by Entity Framework with database first approach by using partial classes and pure DataAnnotation. We will not use any if.. else... or switch... case statement to validate different property. It will work with... By Ali Adravi   On 08 Jul 2018  Viewed: 2,718
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Singleton design pattern in c# with real examples

Singleton is a design pattern in which we allow a class to be instantiated only once and use again and again from entire application. In this article we will try to see different ways to create and Singleton class and pros & cons of all the ways, we will also write some code to test it, so we can understand what's going on **1. Singleton - Not Thread Safe **: Let's write the very basic... By Ali Adravi   On 03 Jul 2018  Viewed: 6,945
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MVC HTML Paging Helper with search and sort

MVC Search Sort and Paging is common feature we need to use, so let's write the HTML Paging Helper for our project, which will work faster than anyother build-in costum grid system because they contain many other features we don't need for our application and don't support many features we want. In this article we will try to create custom HTML paging helper which will work with paging, sorting... By Ali Adravi   On 07 May 2018  Viewed: 6,035
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