Quill JavaScript Text Editor and The Remarkable Facts About It

Quill is an open-source, rich text editor developed to add wings on JavaScript powered projects. The text editor boasts a solid architecture and a feature-rich API so that you customize it on the basis of your project needs. Developed for modern browsers, Quill is a perfect substitute for WYSIWYG editors and addresses the challenges posed by them. It works exactly as per your needs and is... By Celin Smith   On 13 May 2015  Viewed: 905
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ASP.Net MVC Entity Framework Entity Validation with DataAnnotation

Validation of Entity with Entity Framework is a tricky way, but it is really simple. In this article we will try to understand how easily we can add the validation with any entity created by Entity Framework with database first approach by using partial classes and pure DataAnnotation. We will not use any if.. else... or switch... case statement to validate different property. It will work with... By Ali Adravi   On 08 Jul 2018  Viewed: 812
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Exploring what is new in ASP.NET MVC

When we look around in today's world, what we see is devices all around. Devices from mobiles to tablets to computers surround us and now the world is talking about internet of things. IOT means communicating between devices where each device will provide some relevant information to other so as to provide a customer with highest level of service. Example can be a Phone providing information... By Nikunj Bhanushali   On 01 May 2015  Viewed: 787
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Maneuver DOM Elements in ASP.Net with JQuery

JQuery, a popular open source JavaScript library, is CSS3 compliant. With JQuery, you can easily maneuver the DOM elements in your web page. Basically, it allows you to add/delete DOM elements to your HTML based content. If you want to manipulate the DOM elements using JQuery and Visual Studio, you basically need to install the following tools to your system 1. Visual Studio 2008 and 2008... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 31 Aug 2015  Viewed: 649
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How to Perform Debugging and Tracing in ASP.Net?

Every developer checks for potential errors before launching the web application they have painstakingly developed. Two functionality, debugging and tracing, help track the error and remove all traces of the bug. In ASP.Net Ajax applications, debugging becomes a challenge as there is a good mix of client side and server side code, wherein the client side code contains scripts, styles and HTML... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 28 Aug 2015  Viewed: 582
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Integrate Facebook Authentication in ASP.Net5 Web App

Have you recently created a web application using Visual Studio 2015RC? Looking to integrate Facebook authentication to this web application built on ASP.Net5? Then you have hit the right keys and reached the right place. Here, you will use easy steps to integrate Facebook authentication. Now, that the app is ready, you will first need to navigate to Here add the new... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 19 Jun 2015  Viewed: 350
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How Bundling and Minification is Done in ASP.Net5?

When ASP.Net 4.5 was launched in the year 2012, you saw two new features- bundling and minification which helped reduce the file size. With these features, you could combined two or more CSS or JS files, and create a single file. The file size of this combined file is reduced with the help of minification feature. Let's understand how the bundling and minification features worked in ASP.... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 15 Jun 2015  Viewed: 321
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Web security and helpful resources

- **Complacency** 1. Educate yourself. 2. Assume your applications will be hacked. 3. Remember that it’s important to protect user data. - **Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)** 1. HTML-encode all content. 2. Encode attributes. 3. Remember JavaScript encoding. 4. Use AntiXSS if possible. - **Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)** 1. Token Verification. ... By Ali Adravi   On 27 Dec 2012  Viewed: 285

Compelling Reasons for Hiring the Services of ASP Dot Net Programmer

[**ASP.NET**][1], which stands for Active Server Pages is a Microsoft's popular application language that people often don't talk about. While it may be not as “modern” as some other leading languages like Ruby, but the truth is that .NET is still being used for developing a larger portion of apps. Owing to this fact, it's logical for most of the software development companies to focus on... By Celin Smith   On 16 Dec 2014  Viewed: 272
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Getting Started with ASP.Net 5 Cross Platform

The all new version of ASP.Net, ASP.Net5 has raised significant amount of curiosity as well as discussions, even before developers have started using it. It is an open source cross platform framework that is meant to develop cloud based web applications. This all new framework contains modular components which helps you devise customized solutions while maintaining flexibility that ASP.Net5... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 04 Jun 2015  Viewed: 262
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.NET Framework Evolves into a Cross Platform Framework

.NET web development framework was launched around 15 years ago and during all these years we have seen a lot of evolution in the framework. One of the latest and i think is by far the biggest advancement is that the the source code has now change into an opensource framework. Microsoft have alway been very reserved and concealed the code for so many years . The code is no longer copyrighted.... By Celin Smith   On 16 Jul 2015  Viewed: 258
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ASP.NET 5 Latest Updates and Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

ASP.NET is not just a web development platform of all the time, but a righteous web application framework of its own way. Its lofty architecture and cutting-edge features together give this framework a sense of grandeur that's absolutely hard to ignore. And since its keep on evolving itself so incredibly that we just can't resist the temptation of the updates that it continue to unroll for its... By Celin Smith   On 29 Apr 2015  Viewed: 254
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