Custom Directives in AngularJS with example and demo

Angularjs custom directives are the common to avoid the duplicate code, it is easy powerful and really nice. There are already too many directive have been created by experts but as a developer we need to write our own to achieve our specific goal. ng-model, ng-if, ng-show, ng-repeat all these are the directives which is created by experts for us to speed up our daily life coding. In this... By Ali Adravi   On 29 Jul 2015  Viewed: 4,457
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Angularjs CRUD with Web API, Entity Framework & Bootstrap modal popup part 1

Search sort Insert update and delete are the basic features we need to learn first to learn any language, In this article we will try to create these features with Web API, bootstrap modal popup and ui.router. We will use enetity framework code first to save and retrieve data from database. We will extend our previous article example to achieve our goal. Here is the list of features we are... By Ali Adravi   On 28 Jul 2015  Viewed: 31,207
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Angularjs Progress bar directive for entire application

Progress bar for Angularjs application by using directives is simple and real easy. I was googling and could not found any directive way, if you will check most of the people says before call the http method open the progress bas and close once you get the result or get any error. Do you think it is good way to write the code in every http request, I don't like it. What ever we are going to... By Ali Adravi   On 24 Jul 2015  Viewed: 14,156
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Apply angularjs animation in 2 minutes

Angularjs animation is more than easy, even you don't have write a single line of code any kind of animation. In this demo I am going to show how you can animate the list of item coming from left, rotating and flying list items by just adding ngAnimation dependency and some copy and past of css and adding class to elements. Don't you bleave it, watch the video. - First of all, The ng-animate... By Ali Adravi   On 21 Jul 2015  Viewed: 2,422
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Angularjs search and sort on table data

Sorting and searching on table data in angularjs is more than easy, just we need to do some html adjustment and everything works quickly. No need to write any separate procedure with these extra features, in this article we will see how we can achieve it without calling the data from database and without paging, latter on if we need we can extend it to do the same feature with data from... By Ali Adravi   On 18 Jul 2015  Viewed: 4,746
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Angularjs ui-routing with Web API

I found most of .Net developer whether they are ASP.Net developer or MVC developer, they face to start and how to create the Angularjs application structure. In this article we will start from an empty project with Web API 2.0. First of all we will create very simple application with three three pages, home, about and contact us, latter we will use entity framework to get data from database... By Ali Adravi   On 18 Jul 2015  Viewed: 3,808
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How to Manage the Backend Functionality of Your Magento Store?

Helper contains the necessary functions for you; you can call in a helper from anywhere. An example of helper is as below $helper = Mage::helper('monhelper'); The call can be related to $helper = Mage::helper('monhelper/data'); **Let's create a helper file** You will need to declare the helper in the config file in your Magento core. Configure your code in the... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 17 Jul 2015  Viewed: 206
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.NET Framework Evolves into a Cross Platform Framework

.NET web development framework was launched around 15 years ago and during all these years we have seen a lot of evolution in the framework. One of the latest and i think is by far the biggest advancement is that the the source code has now change into an opensource framework. Microsoft have alway been very reserved and concealed the code for so many years . The code is no longer copyrighted.... By Celin Smith   On 16 Jul 2015  Viewed: 355
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No action was found on the controller that matches the request

How to post the data from json, in Angularjs $ we get this error. why we get this error only when we try to post the json object rather than query string. When we pass the parameter in query string same action method works as it should be. It's a very simple article so we are going to check everything by opening every nut and shell. We will use Web API 2 route to customize the URL as... By Ali Adravi   On 12 Jul 2015  Viewed: 17,338
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How to Optimize Your Drupal Site by Enhancing CSS Stylesheets?

When it comes to enhancing stylesheets, you should firstly understand how the CSS stylesheet for a particular platform works. It will help you control the styles, the how and where you can add the styles. You will also need to regulate the aggregates you can create, and for this purpose you need to be aware of the way you can manipulate this feature. Your styles, that you would be using, can... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 09 Jul 2015  Viewed: 288
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How to Programmatically Create a Dropdown Login for your Magento Store?

If you want to improve the interface of your Magento store, then you must include the dropdown login form. This would help create an interactive base for your consumers, and offer convenience too! Let’s see how you can include the form programmatically. Go to **app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/customer.xml** and add the code below <customer_logged_out> <!---<reference... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 07 Jul 2015  Viewed: 1,396
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Integrate Facebook Authentication in ASP.Net5 Web App

Have you recently created a web application using Visual Studio 2015RC? Looking to integrate Facebook authentication to this web application built on ASP.Net5? Then you have hit the right keys and reached the right place. Here, you will use easy steps to integrate Facebook authentication. Now, that the app is ready, you will first need to navigate to Here add the new... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 19 Jun 2015  Viewed: 483
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3 Ways to Track Shoppers Checking-in From Different Devices

Smart devices are just increasing and improving with time. The digital era has definitely introduced many devices that will offer convenience and ease out your problems. With multiple platforms available for logging into your favourite store, it becomes difficult for you as a store owner or a developer to track the device the shopper is using to present themselves. A shopper might use a tablet to... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 18 Jun 2015  Viewed: 246
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How Bundling and Minification is Done in ASP.Net5?

When ASP.Net 4.5 was launched in the year 2012, you saw two new features- bundling and minification which helped reduce the file size. With these features, you could combined two or more CSS or JS files, and create a single file. The file size of this combined file is reduced with the help of minification feature. Let's understand how the bundling and minification features worked in ASP.... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 15 Jun 2015  Viewed: 474
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Getting Started with ASP.Net 5 Cross Platform

The all new version of ASP.Net, ASP.Net5 has raised significant amount of curiosity as well as discussions, even before developers have started using it. It is an open source cross platform framework that is meant to develop cloud based web applications. This all new framework contains modular components which helps you devise customized solutions while maintaining flexibility that ASP.Net5... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 04 Jun 2015  Viewed: 368
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Code Hacks to Make your Website Theme Appealing

Wordpress has some amazing and highly powerful themes that you can use to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your website. While, there are functionalities available with these themes, you will see that there is a huge possibility of customizing the theme with some interesting code hacks! **Make Each Post Distinct** Not all blog posts are alike; so how can they be styled in a... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 03 Jun 2015  Viewed: 235
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3 Excellent HTML5 Boilerplates for Quick Development

If you have just started out with HTML5, then boilerplates help you reason out with the framework and help create a professional front end and a robust website. This open source project was created in order to make you HTML5 ready, in case you have just started out. You can directly download and run the boilerplate from its website; you can either download the light or customizable version,... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 01 Jun 2015  Viewed: 411
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Display Channels and Tags in EPiServer

**Introduction** When creating a website, developers find it challenging to implement a design that works on multiple devices, this included desktops, tablets and mobile devices. EPiServer 7 includes a new feature known as Display Channels. Display Channels allow us to control the rendering of the web pages depending on whether the request is from a mobile device or a standard device. When... By Nikunj Bhanushali   On 26 May 2015  Viewed: 1,073
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How to Create an Embeddable Content Plug-in?

Wordpress is a popular platform among content managers as it allows you to share the content with ease. Owing to the numerous functionalities added using plug-in, Wordpress is a convenient development and delivery platform. There are many things that you may want to share using Wordpress, like a photo gallery, product information etc. Making use of an embeddable content plug-in will help achieve... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 26 May 2015  Viewed: 361
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Create a Custom Archive Page Programmatically

If you go through the list of default page types in Wordpress, you will realize that you hardly use the archive page. It is not popular as it does not offer user friendliness. Did you know you could customize the archive page programmatically? Let's see how it's done. But, before getting started with the customization, let's try and understand the archive page. **The Default Archive... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 22 May 2015  Viewed: 620
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