Integrate Bootstrap Navbar to Speed-up Wordpress Theme Development

There are many instances when you want to speed-up the theme development process, and look out for ways to do it. One of the easiest methods to speed-up theme development is including bootstrap components to your wordpress theme. Here you will learn how to integrate bootstrap navbar in your Wordpress theme to speed-up the overall theme development process. **Code with Bootstrap... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 20 May 2015  Viewed: 325
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WordPress Functions That Make Blogging Efficient

If you want to modify the Wordpress theme, you will need to offer customization in the function.php file within the theme. Within this file, all the relevant data related to the theme is present, and accepts unlimited number of modifications. You can get this file within the themes folder of your Wordpress website. If you want to customize your blog's behavior, then you will need to customize... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 18 May 2015  Viewed: 312
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MVC EnumDropdownListFor bind with enum example

In MVC we have EnumDropDownListFor which we can directly bind with our any enum, it is very similar to DropDownListFor. In this article we will try to create an enum and use it into our model and see how we can bind and save it into the database. As we know we cannot keep space in the name of emum members so how we can use a clear text into dropdown than the enum members. It is easy we will use... By Ali Adravi   On 15 May 2015  Viewed: 26,719
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How to Add Custom Icons to Your Navigation Menu?

It's always good to make your designs user friendly! When your design is intuitive, it guides your user towards the right path all the while. Navigation menus are one of the most intuitive areas of your design. You need to make sure the menus talk for themselves. Adding custom icons to your navigation menu will make the user understand where the tab will take them. Visual cues are an interesting... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 14 May 2015  Viewed: 253
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Quill JavaScript Text Editor and The Remarkable Facts About It

Quill is an open-source, rich text editor developed to add wings on JavaScript powered projects. The text editor boasts a solid architecture and a feature-rich API so that you customize it on the basis of your project needs. Developed for modern browsers, Quill is a perfect substitute for WYSIWYG editors and addresses the challenges posed by them. It works exactly as per your needs and is... By Celin Smith   On 13 May 2015  Viewed: 1,169
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Adding Twitter Cards to Your Wordpress Website

In the past, posting links to your Twitter meant your user needed to click on the link to know more about it. It never showed a synopsis. But, things have changed with Twitter cards. You can attach the title, and a brief preview of the content along with the link. This is almost similar to pasting a link to Facebook status. This is a new introduction to twitter, and using it would help create a... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 12 May 2015  Viewed: 1,309
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How to Develop your First Ever Joomla Website

Once you have installed Joomla to your web server, it is time to get started with website development. Creating a website on this platform is a four step process. Let’s get started with the four steps, and introduce how to create a website with Joomla. **Define the Website Structure** It is important to define the structure for your website. You need to make sure that your website is well... By SilvertouchtechUK   On 08 May 2015  Viewed: 192
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Customize The Admin Post List in Wordpress Website

What do you see when you click on Admin post list in your Wordpress website? A list of all the posts created by you is displayed with their titles and dates. But, that's about it which is displayed! You won't be able to see any other details related to your post. So, if you want to display some elements other than the title and date, you will need to customize the list. The admin post list is... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 08 May 2015  Viewed: 523
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5 CSS Customizations for Your Wordpress Website

<center>![Customizations for Your Wordpresst][1]</center> Have you just started using Wordpress? If yes, then there are a few things that you may want to play around with. Customizing a Wordpress theme at beginner level actually means customizing your stylesheets to make the design look appealing and interactive. Here are a few hacks that will help you redesign CSS stylesheets for your... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 06 May 2015  Viewed: 406
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5 ways SMBs can benefit from an e-store?

If you own a small or medium business, it is time you moved online! Embrace e-commerce solutions to get more engagement, conversions, and marked-up sales. The reason is pretty simple- your consumers are online. It only makes sense to be visible on the medium chosen by your consumers. So, in this digital age, opting for an online shop seems to be a great way to further your business. Let’s... By SilvertouchtechUK   On 05 May 2015  Viewed: 147
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5 Tips to Use local.xml to Customize Your E-Store

When you plan out a new theme for your Magento store, you begin designing it by using the default theme as your base. Very rarely would you create a new theme from the scratch. The reason being the default theme brings with it most of the elements like standard features, that are required by the phtml and layout files. While this is a simple way of designing your new theme, there will be... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 04 May 2015  Viewed: 206
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Exploring what is new in ASP.NET MVC

When we look around in today's world, what we see is devices all around. Devices from mobiles to tablets to computers surround us and now the world is talking about internet of things. IOT means communicating between devices where each device will provide some relevant information to other so as to provide a customer with highest level of service. Example can be a Phone providing information... By Nikunj Bhanushali   On 01 May 2015  Viewed: 935
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ASP.NET 5 Latest Updates and Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

ASP.NET is not just a web development platform of all the time, but a righteous web application framework of its own way. Its lofty architecture and cutting-edge features together give this framework a sense of grandeur that's absolutely hard to ignore. And since its keep on evolving itself so incredibly that we just can't resist the temptation of the updates that it continue to unroll for its... By Celin Smith   On 29 Apr 2015  Viewed: 364
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Display Best Selling Products on your Magento Store

<center>![Magento][1]</center> It's a good idea to tell your audience which products are "best sellers" on your e-store. Most often, people do want to know what others have viewed on your store. When you display these products, you are actually making your audience stay on your store for a longer while. Buying time will help you convert better, and that is what you need to look at. How can you... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 29 Apr 2015  Viewed: 298
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Different action for different buttons from a single page in MVC

To post from different buttons on a single MVC page to different action methods, we need some extra code. We need to create an attribute class by inheriting ActionNameSelectorAttribute and override IsValidName method. We will use the button name to call any particular action on the basis of button name. It looks some thing very difficult but in reality it is more than easy. Let's creat our... By Ali Adravi   On 26 Apr 2015  Viewed: 4,096
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Tips to Integrate Facebook to Your Wordpress Website

Social sharing is vital for your website, especially if you want to strike the right chord with your audiences. You don't want to miss out on the conversions that might happen from the different social media websites, do you? While installing a plug-in and accessing social sharing using the plug-in seems like an easy way out, if you want to customize social sharing as per your needs, you should... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 23 Apr 2015  Viewed: 199
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Deliver Optimized Images on your Wordpress Website

Media, when used to supplement content, makes your whole website look appealing. But, do you actually supplement good content using media files. Many times image files are used as an ornament for your website. While decorating your website with images works, it does not improve search engine rankings. If you are not visible, and nobody notices your images, what’s the use of decorating the... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 21 Apr 2015  Viewed: 211
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Rotating banner simplest way with jquery and css

Rotating banner appeals most of the client and it's quite time consuming for developers to judge which library they need to use and do modification in them according to their requirements. In this article we are going to create the simplest and fully working rotating banner by writing just two three css classes and 4 5 lines of JavaScript code. Big question is that whether it will work with... By Ali Adravi   On 18 Apr 2015  Viewed: 7,315
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How to Resolve Database Connection Error?

Have you ever come across this error “Error Establishing Database Connection”? As a developer, this error troubles especially when you are new and have not made any changes within the database. What are the causes responsible for this error? 1. Incorrect login credentials 2. Unresponsive database server 3. Corrupt database Before you begin solving the issue, which in most cases is... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 17 Apr 2015  Viewed: 163
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Use Shortcodes to Embed Widgets in Wordpress

As George Henry Lewes once said “Genius is rarely able to give any account of its own processes”, shortcode is that genius created by Wordpress which is not given the importance it deserves. With few elemental strokes and minimal editing needs, Shortcodes is able to create necessary elements for your Wordpress website. Widgets created for various tasks within a Wordpress website, can be... By Deepa Ranganathan   On 14 Apr 2015  Viewed: 192
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