Error Executing Child Request

I am trying to use Server.Transfer("MyPage.aspx")

I am getting error "Error Executing Child Request", why it's so. I am sure page exists there.

Asked: 12 Mar 2012
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Mike .Net
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Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) dispatches the Server.Transfer or the Server.Execute request to the appropriate Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) extension based on the extension of the requesting file. For example, a request for an .aspx page is dispatched to the Aspnet_isapi.dll ISAPI extension.

After the request is dispatched to appropriate ISAPI extension, the ISAPI extension cannot call another ISAPI extension. You receive the error message"Error Executing Child Request" because the Aspnet_isapi.dll file, which handles requests to ASP.NET pages, cannot forward the request to any other DLL file, which handles requests to a different type of pages.

This behavior is by design.

Answered: 12 Mar 2012
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Ali Adravi

I was facing the same problem and finally found there was a spelling mistake in page name, so please check the page name.

If you are using the path like "../folder/Pagename.aspx" then make sure it is going to the root directory.

I am dam sure there is no other cause which can create this error.

Answered: 12 Mar 2012
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Both Ali and Flower are correct, so

  1. First check that you are using correct page name to transfer.
  2. Second thing to check are you trying to transfer from one type of page to other type say to asp classic then check Ali Answer.
  3. Are you using routing, if yes then again you need to check Ali answer because for routing used a different ISAPI extention to manage the routing so you cannot call another ISAPI extension after calling the routing ISAPI
Answered: 24 Feb 2013
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