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Get precision and decimal value in SQL Server by using PARSENAME

In SQL server there are decimal and money data type to store precision and scale both together or say decimal values. Suppose we want to get precision and scale separately then how to get it. There are many ways to do this but there is a function in SQL named PARSENAME which can be used to get our result, see this Declare @price Decimal(10,2) Set @price=12345678.90 Select...   On 26 Mar 2013  Viewed: 2,457

Cookies in with examples

We will discuss here, what are cookies, why we need cookies, what are the limitation of cookies, when we need to use cookies with example code in and many more. ***what are cookies:*** HTTP Cookie, Web Cookie, Browser Cookie, Session Cookie, etc. are some names of the cookies. Cookies are small text file sent by web server and saved by browser on client machine. We need cookies to...   On 26 May 2013  Viewed: 2,208

Log error in a text file in ASP.Net

It’s good practice to log all the error into a file or database so in future you can check, how your application is working, and is there any issue which is not caught by Q.A. team. Really it's helpful to understand and caught the issues after deploying the application on production server. Create a method to log the error into a file: public void LogError(Exception ex, String...   On 30 Dec 2012  Viewed: 1,445

HTML5 video and browser compatibility

**HTML5 video and browser compatibility** Now to use video on browser is quite easy, we don't want any flash player any more, simply we can use `` tag and set the video path with src and done. Video tag attributes: - autoplay : "autoplay" or "" (empty string) [Instructs the UA to automatically begin playback of the video as soon as it can do so without stopping.] - preload :...   On 30 Dec 2012  Viewed: 1,401