Celin Smith

Celin Smith
: Celin Smith
: Delaware,USA
: 16 December 2014 08:47 AM
: 01 December 2015 12:40
Celin Smith is Java developer and blogger at Xicom who loves to write about web & mobile apps. Xicom is a one of the leading Java Development Outsourcing Company which provides different array of genuine software solutions like Custom Software Development, IT Outsourcing Services, Web application development services to its clients globally. Xicom Technologies Ltd., a software development realm, is a CMMI Level-3 & ISO 9001 Certified company that is renowned for providing top-notch services to its global clientele.
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A handy tutorial on creating Page Load Progress Bar using Pace.js

A website isn't complete without the inclusion of all the right elements. Progress bar is one of the key components of every website. It informs the user about the total waiting time for a particular web page or a specific task to load. Apart from adding value to the website, the progress bar is also capable of enhancing the overall user-friendly experience. Today, through this article I'll be...   On 18 Feb 2015  Viewed: 4,720

Quill JavaScript Text Editor and The Remarkable Facts About It

Quill is an open-source, rich text editor developed to add wings on JavaScript powered projects. The text editor boasts a solid architecture and a feature-rich API so that you customize it on the basis of your project needs. Developed for modern browsers, Quill is a perfect substitute for WYSIWYG editors and addresses the challenges posed by them. It works exactly as per your needs and is...   On 13 May 2015  Viewed: 1,014

Compelling Reasons for Hiring the Services of ASP Dot Net Programmer

[**ASP.NET**][1], which stands for Active Server Pages is a Microsoft's popular application language that people often don't talk about. While it may be not as “modern” as some other leading languages like Ruby, but the truth is that .NET is still being used for developing a larger portion of apps. Owing to this fact, it's logical for most of the software development companies to focus on...   On 16 Dec 2014  Viewed: 306

ASP.NET 5 Latest Updates and Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

ASP.NET is not just a web development platform of all the time, but a righteous web application framework of its own way. Its lofty architecture and cutting-edge features together give this framework a sense of grandeur that's absolutely hard to ignore. And since its keep on evolving itself so incredibly that we just can't resist the temptation of the updates that it continue to unroll for its...   On 29 Apr 2015  Viewed: 295

.NET Framework Evolves into a Cross Platform Framework

.NET web development framework was launched around 15 years ago and during all these years we have seen a lot of evolution in the framework. One of the latest and i think is by far the biggest advancement is that the the source code has now change into an opensource framework. Microsoft have alway been very reserved and concealed the code for so many years . The code is no longer copyrighted....   On 16 Jul 2015  Viewed: 290

Uncovering key differences between IdentityHashMap and HashMap in Java

As a concurrent, object-oriented computer programming language, [Java web development][1] has been incredibly embraced by web programmers all over the world. With innovative features and functionalities getting added to Java on a regular basis, it won't be wrong to say that the software product is definitely here to stay. Being a class-based programming language, Java comprises of several classes...   On 26 Dec 2014  Viewed: 209

Do the Arguments in JavaScript Are Passed By Value Or Reference?

Since Java is a complicated language, beginners may find developing [Java Web Application Development][1] or web pages a difficult task. JavaScript (also referred to as JS) is much easier compared to Java, and helps to enhance how your web page works. Incorporating JS into your site's web page helps in improving visitor's experience. JavaScript beginners may find themselves perplexed over...   On 23 Dec 2014  Viewed: 197