Bind multiple value for hyperlink in gridview

When need to use a JavaScript function with multiple parameters and those parameter values need to be bind at the time of binding the gridview data then it really becomes complicated, say we have a function GetLatLong which calculates Latitude and Longitude by using city, state, Country and zip code, say our function is something like this

function GetLatLong(var city, var state, var countryCode, var zipcode) { // return latitude and longitude }

Suppose we need to have a button in gridview in every row, and on clicking that button it shows Latitude and Logitude

<asp:GridView ID="gvCustomer" runat="server">
       <asp:ImageButton ID="imgLatLong" runat="server"
         OnClientClick='<%# String.Format("GetLatLong('{0}', '{1}', '{2}', '{3}'); return false;",
                    Eval("City") ,
                    Eval("ZipCode"))  %>' />

How easy it is looking to bind the multiple values but it will not work :), let's analyse it

We open our bracket with single quote (') and we need many single quote (') to pass values as a string for JavaScript function, when we will use the next single quote that will be treated as closing quote. So we can use escape sequence like \', try that and run your page, whatever we will do it will not be solved (I am not saying that it can never be solved but it's not so easy to make it workable.

So how can we make it workable with some simple bindings? Let's write a code behind method which can return the same string what we need to pass in our image click event, see this

public static String CreateFunctionString(object city, object state
       , object countrycode, object zipcode)
  return String.Format("GetLatLong('{0}', '{1}', '{2}', '{3}'); return false;",
            city, state, countrycode, zipcode);

Isn't it so easy so let's bind this in our gridview

<asp:ImageButton ID="imgLatLong" runat="server"
     OnClientClick='<%# CreateFunctionString(Eval("City"), Eval("State"),
                Eval("CountryCode"),  Eval("ZipCode"))  %>' />

That's it, and it will do the same which we were trying to bind in our above code.

Logic: When we face any complication in binding simply create a public static method with all parameters as object and create the result as need and return that and used that method between <%# %> like <%#MethodName(Eval("Col1"), Eval("Col2"), ..... %> and it will work smooth, make sure method should be public otherwise it will not be accessible from HTML.

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