Convert string to an enum type in .net

Sometime we need to convert string to an enum type, say I need to store my enum value into viewstate then we cannot store enum or any object to viewstate so converted that to string and store it, and on postback need to read the viewstate and convert to enum, so how to convert a string into enum? We will see this in this article.

Let’s say our enum is like this:

Public enum ReportType
   DailyReport = 1,
   WeeklyReport = 2,
   MonthlyReport = 3,
   QuarterlyReport = 4,
   YearlyReport = 5

Let’s create object of our enum type and assign a value and store into viewstate

ReportType type = new ReportType();
type = ReportType. MonthlyReport;
ViewState[“reporttype”] = type.ToString();

Now we need to read and convert it into our above enum type

String reportType = Convert.ToString(ViewState[“reporttype”]);
//Now convert it to enum type
ReportType type = new ReportType();
type = (ReportType)Enum.Parse(typeof(ReportType), reportType, true);

We converted out viewstate value to our desired enum type.

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