Ajax Roundedcornersextender padding and margin problem

Ajax Rounded corners extender is used to give corner to any elements like panel and div etc. Most of the time you will need to give the padding to give some space between the border and content, same is used for margin to give some vertical and horizontal space between different controls, but if you will check the properties available with Roundedcornersextender, it is very limited. Here is the available properties:

  1. BorderColor
  2. Color
  3. Corners : to set which corner will be rounded
  4. ScriptPath
  5. TargetControlID
  6. Radius : to set the radius

These are only available properties except with some like ID, ViewStatMode etc. So how to use padding, margin, border-width, border-style etc. No way, you need to write the CSS class for that, so why should we use Roundedcornersextender than directly use the CSS classes.

Let's see why Roundedcornersextender is not so popular between developers than other ajax controls like modalpopupextender, updatepanel etc. If you will see the final output it is using CSS3 border-radius, it means it will not work with those browsers which doesn't support CSS3. Let's see an example, how to use and what is the output of it.

<div id="divMain" runat="server"  
    style="width:200px; background-color:#bbb;">
    ID="ajxRounded"  <br />
    runat="server" <br />
    Color="Yellow"<br />
    Corners="All"<br />
    BorderColor="Red"<br />
    Radius="10"      <br />         
    TargetControlID ="divMain" <br />
    TargetControlID ="divMain" />

And here is the output:

TargetControlID ="divMain"

Now let's analyze what it creates, open the firebug and check the HTNLcode you will see:

<div style="width:300px; background-color: rgb(187, 187, 187); 
   border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
   border: 1px solid Gold;" 
       ID="ajxRounded"  <br>
       runat="server" <br>
       Radius="10"      <br>         
       TargetControlID ="divMain" <br>

Do you think it is very useful control, I don't think so, I'll never use this control in entire life after analyzing it that it is using CSS3 border-radius property. So what is the alternative and better way to use for rounder corner box.

For the same output we can create CSS class, and that would b more easier, faster, better and with more options to set padding, margin and other properties. Create a class in our CSS file say ruonded-box

   -webkit-border-radius: 10px;
   -moz-border-radius: 10px;
   border-radius: 10px;
   border: 1px solid Gold;


As you can see here we can use anything which we want like margin, passing, width of border and other properties which we want.

and simple to use

<div class='ruonded-box'>
    It is really easy to use than

If you want to see a demo set the border radius and see the effects.

Alicia Gonzalez Started career with .Net, and not working on client side technologies like angular, React etc. since last 12 years. But C# is really amazing language and I like to learn everything about C# and want to share whatever I know.
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