ActionResult VS ViewResult in MVC

In MVC controls there are different type of action result we use as a return type from a controller action method in which ViewResult, ActionResult and JsonResult are commonly used. In this article we will learn what are the available action results and which one we need to use in which case.

The ActionResult class is the base class for action results, following types derive from ActionResult:

  • ContentResult: Represents a user-defined content type that is the result of an action method.

  • EmptyResult: Represents a user-defined content type that is the result of an action method.

  • FileResult: Represents a base class that is used to send binary file content to the response.

  • HttpUnauthorizedResult: Represents the result of an unauthorized HTTP request.

  • JavaScriptResult: Sends JavaScript content to the response.

  • JsonResult: Represents a class that is used to send JSON-formatted content to the response.

  • RedirectResult: Controls the processing of application actions by redirecting to a specified URI.

  • RedirectToRouteResult: Represents a result that performs a redirection by using the specified route values dictionary.

  • ViewResultBase: Represents a base class that is used to provide the model to the view and then render the view to the response.

    • ViewReulst: it is derived from ViewResultBase class, Represents a class that is used to render a view by using an IView instance that is returned by an IViewEngine object.

    • PartialViewResult: : it is derived from ViewResultBase class, Represents a base class that is used to send a partial view to the response.

Most of the items are self explanatory, when they need to use. What about ViewResult and ActionResult

Suppose a case where we want to return either ViewResult or JsonResult then what would be the action result type, see the following case

 public XXXXXXX Edit(Int32 productId)
        Product product = GetProduct();
        if (productId < 100)
            return View(product);
            return Json(product, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

As you can see if productId < 100 then I want to return the ViewResult otherwise JsonResult,

So what action type should be used for this action method

ActionResult will be used because it is dynamic which can be used for any kind of action result.

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