Social media sharing buttons without javascript

Social Media Sharing Buttons Without JavaScript I was looking for code to add social media buttons to share my blog on different sites like facebook, twitter, google plus, tumbler and email, I search many websites but could not found any good article which can help to add these buttons without using JavaScript. Finally I checked the code of different sites and try to copy the rendered code and here is the list of those entire working sites html. You don’t need to add any JavaScript, simply paste this html and done.

Facebook Share button

<a href="    
     <img src="/images/social-buttons/Facebook.png">

Twitter button

<a href="
   target="_blank" title="Tweet">
   <img src="/images/social-buttons/Twitter.png">

Google Plus button

<a href="
   target="_blank" title="Share on Google+">
   <img src="/images/social-buttons/GooglePlus.png">

Pinterest Button

<a href="
   target="_blank" title="Pin it">
   <img src="/images/social-buttons/Pinterest.png">

Getpocket Button

 <a href="
   target="_blank" title="Add to Pocket">
   <img src="/images/social-buttons/Pocket.png">

Reddit Button

 <a href="
    target="_blank" title="Submit to Reddit">
    <img src="/images/social-buttons/Reddit.png">

Linkedin Button

 <a href=" 
    target="_blank" title="Share on LinkedIn">
    <img src="/images/social-buttons/LinkedIn.png">

Pinboard Button

  <a href="
     target="_blank" title="Save to Pinboard">
     <img src="/images/social-buttons/Pinboard.png">

Email Button

  <a href="mailto:?subject=@ViewBag.Title&body=:@Url.Encode(Request.Url.ToString())" 
     target="_blank" title="Email">
     <img src="/images/social-buttons/Email.png">

Even if you don't want to add these code one by one then there are many websites which can provide you the wizard to create these complete html with different button styles one of them is

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