ASP.NET 5 Latest Updates and Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

ASP.NET is not just a web development platform of all the time, but a righteous web application framework of its own way. Its lofty architecture and cutting-edge features together give this framework a sense of grandeur that's absolutely hard to ignore. And since its keep on evolving itself so incredibly that we just can't resist the temptation of the updates that it continue to unroll for its users. And today, we are going to talk about the new features and improvements that ASP.NET 5 is experiencing along with the Visual Studio editor improvements in CTP 6.

So, let's talk about them in detail.

  1. Latest templates for multiple projects

ASP.NET 5 is all set to win the heart of its users due to the its revolutionized ASP.NET dialogue. Now, every time you start a new ASP.NET 5 project, you need to start it by simply clicking on 'File-New Project-Web- ASP.NET development services'. By selecting these options, you'll be able to see the below mentioned options.

It's worth noticing the grouping of ASP.NET 4 templates that most of the webmasters are fully aware of. You can also see the latest ASP.NET 5 preview templates.

In addition to these, you'll also be impressed with the way its starter information about how to get started with ASP.NET 5 has been updated. This is compatible across all the leading OS such as Windows, Linux, and OSX.

  1. Task Runner Explorer

ASP.NET 5 excellently captures the attention of JavaScript developers with its updated task runner explorer. The toolbar is now located on the top of the left side and is also renovated with new buttons.

These latest buttons allow you perform a range of tasks such as reloading the content of the current file, toggle the force flag while running a program, and toggle a verbose flag to execute a specific task.

  1. Return of System References

Now, it's quite easy for you to add references to the system assemblies with the help of a dialogue box known as Add References dialog. This is a nice update as it makes quite easy for developers to introduce tweaks to the project.json file as per their choice.

To Wrap Up ASP.NET 5 is amongst the best web application development framework and its latest improvements and updates create a framework that makes the most out of every feature and tool.

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