No action was found on the controller that matches the request

No action was found on the controller that matches the request Test web api post method Web API custom routing Post data against a web api method

How to post the data from json, in Angularjs $ we get this error. why we get this error only when we try to post the json object rather than query string. When we pass the parameter in query string same action method works as it should be. It's a very simple article so we are going to check everything by opening every nut and shell. We will use Web API 2 route to customize the URL as well.

Let's try first with a get method without any parameter

// GET: api/User
public IEnumerable<string> Get()
    return new string[] { "value1", "value2" };

It's very simple action which return an enumerable string, let write the code to call it by using jquery

    url: 'api/user',
    type: 'GET',
    dataType: 'json',            
    success: function (data) {                
       // play with your data;
    error: function (error) {

If you are using Angularjs then it is more easy

return $http({
    url: 'api/user',
    method: 'GET',
    type: 'application/json'
}).then(function (data) {
    // play with your data;

So far so good, let's create an action which will accept user name and password and mothod type post

public User Login(strin email, string password)
    var user = db.Users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Email == email &&
                x.Password == password);
    return user;

See how I decorated the url of this action method, it is not necessary but clarity. While calling it we will try to pass a json data to call this action and let's see it succeeds

var credentials = {'email': '', 'password': '123456'};
return $http({
    url: 'api/user/login',
    method: 'POST',
    type: 'application/json',
    data: credentials
}).then(function (user) {
    // check the user is null or not and take action
}).error(function (error) {

It will always give the error "No action was found on the controller 'user' that matches the request".

So what is wrong in it, every thing in our JavaScript side is correct but when we post the data it expect an action have parameter object which have to have two properties 'email' and 'password' and there is no such action but directly we accepting two parameters of type string.

if we will try with query string everything will work, like this

 url: 'api/user/login?'

Which we don't want, even in this case you might accept it but if there is a form with 20 field you don't like it to pass everything in query string. So how to fix it. Let's create a model called Credential

public class Credential
    public string username { get; set; }
    public string password { get;set; }

And change the parameter in our action to pass this model, now it will look like

public User Login(Credential credential)
    var user = db.Users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Email == &&
                x.Password == credential.password);
    return user;

Now call the same method and it will work smooth.

To test any web api method better to use the Chrome Advanced Rest Client it will save your day

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