.NET Framework Evolves into a Cross Platform Framework

.NET web development framework was launched around 15 years ago and during all these years we have seen a lot of evolution in the framework. One of the latest and i think is by far the biggest advancement is that the the source code has now change into an opensource framework. Microsoft have alway been very reserved and concealed the code for so many years . The code is no longer copyrighted. Earlier, .NET was not a cross platform framework and used to run only on Windows, however, now it is open to numerous platforms from now on. This is certainly a good news for a huge community of asp.net developers who cannot afford to purchase Windows.

The .NET version 5 has been launched by Microsoft and is now available for Linux and Mac by open sourcing almost all of the complete server-side .NET core . The company is also open sourcing RyuJit (the modern JIT compiler) along with the .NET Garbage Collector, which makes it a cross-platform framework.

Till the last version, there was only a single, giant framework version, which was supposed to be installed in all the machines, no matter whether you need the full version of the framework or not. .NET 5 which used to be a big framework has now evolved into a sleek, cross-platform, and modular framework by acquiring very less space. This is one of the greatest step in the asp.net development services .

Wherefore, the dependency of the application on the framework can be confined to the features which are required. Thus, you need not to worry about framework updates to unnecessary areas of the framework. This sounds to be a bit of a relief to testing team and incorporating updates to the several part of the framework.

Recommended URL:https://www.ingeniumweb.com/blog/post/aspnet-vnext-what-makes-it-the-most-preferred-tool-for-developing-a-web-application/2347/

Though, Microsoft has not officially launched the complete version of this cross-platform .NET version, however it is present on GitHub.


The new version named as ASP.NET 5 comes with handy features are on the top of it we can run ASP.NET 5 on Mac, Windows, and Linux as well. The core web development framework has now turned very sleek as it no more needs “System.Web.dll” and is grown to be more modular (one can get most of the features in the for of NuGet packages). Wherefore, one can optimize their application only with the essential requisites. Inquisitive developers can go to Github to take a look.

ASP.NET 5 is powered with web server for Linux and MAC called Kestrel which is built on libuv.

For hosting your ASP.NET 5 you can go for self-host or IIS on your process.

The Configuration based on cloud-ready environment obliterated the usage of Web.Config, which was a very important part of ASP.NET since the very beginning. It is also easy for the ASP.NET 5 cloud based apps, as the application has the capability of reading automatically the appropriate configuration values for a particular environment.

Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is now empowered with intrinsic supports for Grunt, Bower, and Gulp – popular tools which are an open source. Visual Studio framework also gives you IntelliSense technology with all the current packages. The IntelliSense support to Atom, Sublime, Vim, Brackets, and Linux, Emacs on Windows, and Mac, a community of developers has created OmniSharp plus the Kulture build system.

Along with this there is a free SKU for Visual Studio open source framework for developers and students known as the Visual Studio Community.

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