AngularJS HTML5 mode reloading page not found solution

Removing # from Angularjs application is tricky but BOSS is always right, if he don't want to see the # (hash) in URL then there is no way to keep it any more. Actually it is not too much work for anyone to set it up within 5 minute by rewriting the URL. I was playing and found it is very easy and useful. In all the supporting browsers it will show the url without hash and in older browsers which... By Ali Adravi   On 17 Aug 2015  Viewed: 15,939
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Linq to SQL connection String to read from web.config file automatically

When we use Linq to SQL it creates a connection string in Settings files. When we need to create the DLL of the DataAccessLayer (DAL) for production server or any server which is not our current development server then we need to change connection string manually in Settings file, is not it would be good to set something in application so it can always read the connection string form web.config... By Montana Neyra   On 17 Jun 2012  Viewed: 5,111
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