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: 11 February 2012 04:00 PM
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Linq to Sql - Sort record on multiple columns in ascending or descending order

In SQL Server it's easy and we are familiar to sort orders on different columns but when it comes to Linq to SQL or Lamda expression we stuck how to sort the records, it is because we are experienced much. So let's discuss some daily use ordering of records with examples. **1**. Suppose we have an Employee table and want to sort on columns say "EmployeeName" in ascending order then ...   On 30 Jan 2013  Viewed: 4,915

ASP.Net 4.5 new feature Model Binding

A nice feature with ASP.Net is the model binding, it reduced our code and effort to bind our well know controls like GridView, DataList, Repeater etc. So let’s see how we can bind our old controls in new and easy way. Let’s see how we bind the our grid before 4.5 1. We write the code to get data from database 2. Set the data source of control say GridView 3. Finally call the DataBind()...   On 17 Jan 2013  Viewed: 3,209

What is !important in CSS and what is the purposse of it?

As we know CSS styles works from top to bottom, suppose you have created two class with the same name or define the style of any element at two places, which one will apply on your page, can you guess which one will apply, yes you are right the last one because CSS works from top to bottom. Let's see this with some examples div{color:black;} .................... ...   On 28 Jan 2013  Viewed: 496