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Jonathan King
: Jonathan King
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: 03 March 2012 06:08 PM
: 10 May 2013 16:34
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Disable dates in Ajax CalendarExtender

Ajax CalendarExtendar: I found many questions on different sites regarding date range selection in Ajax CalendarExtender, while it is quite simple to bound the range to select from, you can allow all the dates, disable past dates, disable date greater than current date, date should be greater than current date + 1 month, current date to 1 month etc. So let me explain one by one: **For all...   On 23 Jun 2012  Viewed: 28,751

Ajax Modalpopupextender show hide from code behind and by javascript

In this article we will discuss different way of show and hide (open and close) modal popup by using Ajax ModalPopupExtender, how to open/close a modal popup from code behind in or by using JavaScript, how to use multiple buttons to hide the modal popup in etc. Suppose we have a grid view to show the record in tabular format and give functionality to edit a record from grid...   On 08 Apr 2013  Viewed: 28,700

Call code behind method from JavaScript in

There are ways to call a web service method JavaScript, for more detail you can see [how to retrieve data from database using JavaScript in][1], but is there any way to call a normal method from JavaScript? And the answer is No; show how we can call a code behind method from JavaScript, let’s see this with code Add following HTML on page:   On 08 Apr 2013  Viewed: 12,506