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Nikunj Bhanushali
: Nikunj Bhanushali
: New Jersey, USA
: 01 May 2015 03:51 PM
: 03 September 2015 09:31
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Display Channels and Tags in EPiServer

**Introduction** When creating a website, developers find it challenging to implement a design that works on multiple devices, this included desktops, tablets and mobile devices. EPiServer 7 includes a new feature known as Display Channels. Display Channels allow us to control the rendering of the web pages depending on whether the request is from a mobile device or a standard device. When...   On 26 May 2015  Viewed: 1,088

Exploring what is new in ASP.NET MVC

When we look around in today's world, what we see is devices all around. Devices from mobiles to tablets to computers surround us and now the world is talking about internet of things. IOT means communicating between devices where each device will provide some relevant information to other so as to provide a customer with highest level of service. Example can be a Phone providing information...   On 01 May 2015  Viewed: 943

Creating One Model Multiple Templates in EPiServer

To begin my article on how to create one model for multiple templates, I might start on with describing to you the page template. A template is for generating page outputs of a particular type, sometimes in aspx type of file. The page templates in EPiServer CMS are created using web forms or ASP.NET MVC. Therefore, a page template is created and used for more than one page type. Usually one to...   On 03 Sep 2015  Viewed: 771